Alexey Vladimirov  Biography  Works 

Alexey Vladimirov was born in 1957 in Kuban. In 1984 graduated from the Kiev State Art institute. Since 1987 member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Alexey Vladimirov's name is well-known as in Ukraine, and abroad. His works are in 17 galleries and museums of Ukraine, including the National Museum of the Ukrainian art, the Kiev Museum of Russian Art, the National Museum of History of Ukraine, etc. Alexey Vladimirov has taken part in many international and personal exhibitions. By opinion of the American critics, during personal exhibition in California, A.Vladimirov's defined A new era of sculpture. His works are in collections in Ukraine, Sweden, Austria, England, Germany, Holland, France, Italy and the US. Since 1984 the artist has been taking active part in symposiums, open-airs, on stone and wooden sculpture. Organizer of the International symposium in Yuzhno-Ukrainsk. Alexey is the author of some prizes: International festival of hairdresser's art The world of beauty 2000, Festival of haute couture Steps to the Sky- Gold scissors, which were handed over to patriarches of haute couture: Gerz Mepen, Michael Voronin, Pierre Cardin.
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