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Was born on June, 13th 1956 in Moscow. 1980 - Moscow State Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov, faculty of sculpture (workshop of professor M.F.Baburina); 2002 - Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts; 1990 - Member of the Union of Artists of Russia; 1983 - Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Awards: 2001 - Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts for participation in reconstruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow; 1997 – Medal “In Memory of 850th Anniversary of  Moscow”; 1995 - Silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts. Moscow; 1988 – Diploma “The Best Work of the Year”, The Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow; 1988 - First prize and diploma Quadrinalle Sculpture, Riga, Latvia; 1985 - Silver medal of VDNH. Main exhibitions: 2006 – “Manned Islands”, group exhibition; 2005 – auction “Smile”, in the help to the Russian art under auction Christie's support; 2005 - group exhibition Gallery “Norjende”, the Hague, the Netherlands; 2004 - group exhibition “Architecture and Sculpture”, the Kuznetsk bridge, Moscow; 2001 - Imperial Russian Academy of Arts, The Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia; 1998 - Kunst centrum Meerzigt, Holland; 1995 - Permanent missions of Russia in the United Nations, New York, the US; 1994 - Diem Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland; 1990 - Ąrt Expo, New-York, the US; 1988 - Ąrs Sovietica, Helsinki, Finland; 1986 - exhibition of Moscow Artists, Prague, Czechoslovakia; 1985 - Sculptures and Flowers, Berlin, Germany. His works are in museum collections, and in private collections of Russia, the Great Britain, Germany, England, Holland, Denmark, the US, Finland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada.
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