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Andrey Avvakumov was born in Moscow in 1967. He became popular after creation of decorative compositions on themes of works of A.Durer, I.Bilibin, A.Breigel, A.Mukha and other outstanding artists. Decorative opportunities of art moulding and graphing of carved models are organically incorporated in Andrey’s works. All compositions have limited circulation, many of them are in private collections in Russia and abroad, in the Armory Museum of the Moscow Kremlin, in collections of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexey II. Andrey Avvakumov is the prize-winner of the Russian and international jeweller exhibitions. The international Moscow jeweller fair, Expocentre 2000. Diploma in honor of 100-year triumph of the Russian jewellers at the World Parisian fair for the collection of miniatures based on A.Durer's works. Nomination “Classics”, the all-Russia contest of jewellers on a prize of cultural capital “Recognition of Petersburg”, 2001. Diploma for a decorative composition based on the engravings of A.Durer. Nomination “Stone-cut items and interior ornaments”. International Moscow jeweller exhibition NEW RUSSIAN STYLE-2003 (Guest House). Diploma of the All-Russia contest of jewellers on a prize of the capital of Russia “Gold masterpiece” for decorative plaquettes “Moyka”, “Isaac Cathedral”. Nomination “The jewels, devoted to the 300th anniversary of St.-Petersburg”.
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