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Cesare Toffolo was born in 1962 in Italy on island Murano in the family of hereditary glass-blowers. His father and grandfather were the best masters VININI. From early age Caesar has started to learn family business and by 17 not only earned the basics of glass-blowing but started to develop own new technics and receptions of glass processing. His works have unique style - elegant filigree drawing and graceful forms. He was the first who has plated glass with a gold leaf. Each his work is a huge world with deep sense, with the history, you can admire eternally. Today Cesare Toffolo is one of the main artists on glass on Murano Island. His works were recognized by famous experts and collectors from all over the world, and in Italy they are considered as works of art and have high art value. Caesar cooperates with a lot of galleries and schools on glass. He is often invited to teach in educational centers of America and Japan. His works can be found in the Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, Niijima glass Art Centre in Tokyo, Corning Museum of Glass in New York, Penland Scholl of Crafts in Northern Carolina, and also Togama Glass Art Institute in Japan.
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