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Andrea Boscolo was born on October 2nd, 1959, in Venice. Since 1972 he has started to work with master Rino Tagliapietra who made Murmansk art glass and blew goods from glass. In 1973 he began to work for the tea company “Arte”, which belonged to the well-known artist on glass Ermanno Nason. Andrea adopted experience from Ermanno and was his assistant. Together they created the Crucifixion of the Christ which was displayed in Sacred Maria's church in Murano. Since 1977 he has made works to order using various furnaces, then has received qualification “The master”. In 1984 becomes the junior partner in company “Rossetto Mauro glass cooperative” and begins the vigorous activity as the expert on glass. 1989 - leaves cooperative society and starts to develop own business together with his wife. Starts company “Non Solo Verte”. After long trainings creates a new technics. Wine glasses, bowls, candlesticks, and other very decorative completely manual works with glass ornament. In 1993 signed a contract with a Japanese company, worked for various shops. 1998 - after a contest one of his works was presented in magazine “Verto”, the first in this area (magazine of association “Centro Studio Verto”). Also got ready for an exhibition of modern glass which took place on December-January, 1999 in Venice. In the year of 1999 together with sculptor Raimund Kummer participated in a mobile exposition. 2001 - a personal exhibition at school of glass of Abbey Zanetti. Andrea Boscolo works on the Murano Island and his works can be found in collections all over the world.
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