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Mikhail Novokshchenny was born in 1967 in Severouralsk, the Sverdlovsk Region. 1982 - has finished the Severouralsk art school. 1982 – the Art school of Krasnoturyinsk. He is a multi profiled artist-designer (fresco, stained-glass window, sgraphito, cold batic, dry brush, airgraphics). In 1990-1995 studied in the Russian State Academy of arts institute named after I.Repin, St.Petersburg, drawing faculty. In 1995 becomes a member of the International Federation of Artists of UNESCO. Since 1996 constantly lives and works in Moscow. Exhibitions: April-May 2007 - “Movement of light”, personal exhibition, Moscow, the Central House of Artist, AG-Gallery; February 2007 - participation in International charitable project Lowe-That-You, Moscow, the State gallery of the modern art “Phoenix”. December 2005 - January 2006 - Christmas exhibition (together with V.Babanin, E.Anikonov, A.Votsmush, and V.Semenskiy), Ukraine, Sevastopol, “Green Pyramid” Gallery. November 2005 - the art-show with demonstration of the biggest puzzle in the world (a copy of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci), sponsored and organized by company “Kryshavel”. December 2005 - exhibition of painting together with artist Vladimir Semenskiy, the International center of arts, the International Business Centre 2000, art salon “New”, St.Petersburg. November 2005 - exhibition of painting and sculpture, in cooperation with sculptor Vadim Kirillov and artist Stanislav Prilutskiy, sportsclub, the international settlement “Dewdrop”, Moscow. From 2002 until present - constant exposition in art gallery AG-Gallery (the Central House of Artist, Petrovka, the Lenin prospect), Moscow. May 2005 - in cooperation with sculptor Vadim Kirillov, sportsclub, the international settlement “Dewdrop”, Moscow. January 2005 - exhibition of Five “From socialist realism up to avant guarde”, exhibition of painting and sculpture, private house, Pokrovskiye Hills, Moscow. 2003 – “Manezh”, exposition of art gallery AG-Gallery, Moscow; 2002 - exhibition “The ART-BRIDGE”, Nuremberg-Moscow; 2002 - exhibition “The ART-BRIDGE”, Nuremberg-Moscow-Magnitogorsk, Magnitogorsk picture gallery. 2001 - constant exposition in art interior-gallery “New”, Moscow. 2000 - The art-Expo in New York, the USA. 1999 - Art Bayer Karavan Show, Philadelphia, the USA. 1999 - series of art exhibitions in Pink Bridge Gallery, Philadelphia, the USA. 1998 - the Moscow international art interior, the Central House of Artist - 99, Moscow. 1997 – Art Messe in Düsseldorf, Germany. 1997 - exhibition in castle Khungen - Inhaiden, Frankfurt on Main, Germany. 1996 – 2003 -  series of exhibitions in Ekaterinburg and Magnitogorsk. 1995-2002 - constant participant of art exhibitions in the Central House of Artist, Moscow. 1995-1998 - series of art exhibitions in gallery “Nevsky, 20”, St.Petersburg. His works are in corporate and private collections of Russia, the USA, Canada and some European countries.
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