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Mikhail Arkhipov was born on October, 7th, 1963 in the city of Orenburg (Urals Mountains). Has finished the Leningrad state institute of theatre, music and cinema. Since 1986 his works can be found in the following museums of Russia: Art museum of Ivanov, Art museum of Vladimir, Museum of Pskov, Museum of institute of theatre, music and cinema in St.Petersburg, exposition of Smolniy Institute. In 1994 emigrated to France where took pleasure from creative freedom for several years. Since 1994, a member of the Russian art union in Paris. Up to 1996 Michael worked in different technics: water color, oil, distemper, lithograph, icons, restoration. In 1996 he preferred oil and wood and created his own technics. But his works have been noticed by collectors and critics long before it. Mikhaill Arkhipov's works are in private and state collections in France, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, England, Germany, Canada and the USA. Exhibitions: the Art museum of Ivanov (1986-1987) – the Art museum, Vladimir (1987) - the Art museum, Pskov (1988) - Institute of theatre, music and cinema, St.Petersburg (1989-1992) – Smolniy Institute, St.Petersburg, 1992 - the Berlin art center, Berlin, Germany, 1993 - Theatrical gallery, Hamburg, Germany, 1993 - Municipal library of Montreux, Paris, France, 1994, 1995.
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