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Could you imagine a man from Odessa without satire? And if he is also an artist each work of such master simply should present with smiles and, moreover, with a sea of warm smiles. His works are for those who like to scrutinize. Each picture enters into the dialogue with the audience and later, in several minutes starts to play, training a three-dimensional look on the surface of the 2D canvas. The exhibition itself reminds a small toy town which world absolutely comes off the reality and plunges into carelessness of the childhood. In a carnival of toys each picture shimmers and gives cheerful mood to each visitor who has decided to touch the world of satire and paints. Victor Kolosov carried out his first personal exhibition in Odessa in the summer of 2005, in art cafe Jellyfish on the Cathedral Square which reflected the period of creativity of his last years. At this exhibition he presented series of works Photos of Some Ideas and Red Chairs performed in oil and acryl, and also series of drawing Rehabilitation of Lubok (Cheap Popular Print). Now the master presents his works in Moscow, and the small town of satire is opened to everybody interested who has decided to forget the colorlessness and daily routine.
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